First Day In.

Most days getting out of bed is extremely challenging. Pulling off my warm, inviting covers is so counterintuitive and yet the shrill sound of my alarm playing some over-played pop song somehow forces me to do just this. Most days, I dread getting dressed and going outside, but today isn’t like most days; today is the first day of school! Nervous anticipation kept me up all night so getting out of bed was a relief.

Frosh has been fun, and definitely beneficial. The gradual desensitization to silly and sometimes vulgar cheers definitely taught me to let loose, (“Froshies! HOW. DO. YOU. FEEL?”), but now that frosh is done, I’m ready to settle down and learn something educational.

So now, as I sit waiting for my first ever lecture (computer science) to begin, I have a billion things running through my head. Did I pick a good seat? Should I introduce myself to my neighbour? WAS I SUPPOSED TO HAVE READ THE FIRST CHAPTER? Okay. Deep breath. Let’s do this!



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