So Excited to Get Started!

Wow, is that right? Only two more weeks until frosh? How has the summer gone so quickly? I thought I’d be used to the idea of University by now! I guess working at a summer camp has kept my mind busy. Now that I’ve hugged the last group of little monkeys goodbye, and returned my navy blue first aid kit, however, it’s hit me that the end of summer camp means the end of summer, which also means the beginning of the school year.

Unlike previous “back to school” shopping trips, getting ready for university has been a little different. Yesterday I accompanied my friend on a department store shopping spree to buy everything she needed to move into her dorm room. My official job title was “moral supporter and design consultant.” I patted Emma on the back as she nervously placed laundry detergent, storage shelves and Ziploc bags into her shopping cart.

Anyways, the trip reminded me about the tremendous changes that are coming my way this year. Although I won’t be living in residence, what with commuting every morning, making new friends, and figuring out a completely different class schedule, I’m sure there won’t be a single dull moment.

I’ve signed up to do a couple of intro seminars before frosh week. I hope that these make me a little bit more comfortable with the campus and with what to expect. After that, it’s frosh, and then the start of first semester! I feel as though I am about to take a big test. I think I’m ready but there’s no helping being a bit nervous and giddy. Either way, I guess I’ll be meeting you lovely people within the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait!


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