Should I stay or should I go?

While figuring out which university I wanted to attend, I composed a T-chart comparing the pros and cons of living at home and living on res. When I chose UTM, I settled on staying home, and although I may not ever know if I made the right choice, I do have some first week impressions about commuting:

  • ~  I’m very lucky to be able to drive to school, but seeing as I’m directionally challenged, finding my way to places is usually quite tricky. Luckily, on my first day of school, I managed to get confused only once. I was about to make a left turn while I needed to go straight, and the guy beside me started honking excessively. I thought that I’d done something wrong and that this guy had a serious case of road rage. Turns out, however, he was just a helpful citizen with a UofT sweater that recognized a hopelessly lost student and pointed me in the right direction. He even let me go ahead of him! Did I mention the people at UTM are nice!
  •  ~  Considering how much I’ve been enjoying my healthy homemade lunches, I’m extremely glad I still have my mum to make them for me every morning. Today I particularly enjoyed a yummy fruit salad (served in a cat shaped container), and a cucumber from our garden. I’ve got to say, parents aren’t always easy to get along with, but in this regard… Definitely a plus.
  •  ~  As you may have guessed from my previous post, early wake-ups are not my thing. Despite the fact that I drive, it still takes me about 45 minutes to get to school. This means that I don’t get the luxury of getting out of my PJs and into some sweatpants and waddling over from my dorm to my lecture. My snooze button is in for a hectic year.


I’ll definitely make another blog if I have more observations about commuting, but until then, enjoy wherever you are, be it at home or in a dorm. 🙂


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