MATH Challenges

Prove that a number x 0 = 0. Easy right? Nope.

In proofs this question took half an hour, a couple of chalkboards, and a lot of pain. And this question, overall, is a good representation of the rest of the course.

Calc. 135, on the other hand, has been very doable. Most of the material we’ve looked at has been review of grade 12. But that doesn’t mean that the class isn’t challenging… In other ways.

On Tuesdays I have a two hour lecture in Calc.

“STOP whining Hanna, you’re not the only one in that class!”

Yeah, except for I have that class after a two hour proofs lecture, and a two hour Comp Sci. practical, with no breaks! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t handle 6 straight hours of class. In fact, after about:

4 straight hours of class: I start to mix all of the material up. I forget if I’m listening to Calc. Proofs, or Comp Sci., since they all involve numbers. Right? My note taking skills pretty much revert back to the stone ages. I find myself thinking, “I don’t have to write that question down, I’ll completely remember how to solve it at home.” (I usually don’t J)

  • 5 straight hours of class: I start laughing at things that aren’t funny. Like the fact that I the projector is on but nothing is being projected, and that my friend’s pen is shaped like a croissant. Prove that 6 is afraid of 7. Proof: 7 8 9. Bahah!
  • 5 and a half straight hours of class: I take out my computer, because my futile attempts at note-taking are truly pathetic, so I might as well check my email. And check my YouTube… And blog… and Facebook… oh boy! Look who’s on! I should say hi! NO. STOP. Pay attention to the lecture.
  • 5 hours and forty-five minutes of straight class: Time stops… Prof. you mean to tell me we have time to learn another theorem? Haven’t we already learned all of the theorems in the book? UGHHHH.
  • 5 hours and 50 minutes of straight class: my brain is officially melted. At this point, I pack up my stuff because maybe that way the Prof. will hear the rustling of things and let us go a little early. I GIVE UP. That croissant shaped pen is still hilarious! Where can I buy one? Halloween town is on this weekend! SO EXCITED!
  • 5 hours and 55 minutes of straight class: CLASS DISMISSED!!!!!! YAY!!! Let’s get out of here! THANKYOU&@ND091hdk!2e (!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEE.)

I’m really glad that the rest of my weekdays are all either shorter, or have breaks in between classes. That way I can pay a lot more attention and get a lot more from the lectures. But I better figure out how to stay focused on Tuesdays. Maybe I’ll go for short walks in the 10 minute breaks half way through my 2 hour classes? I don’t even know. Do you guys have any ideas? How do you focus after long periods in class?


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