Actually… Out of all of the “new-to-university”, “don’t-know-what-I’m-doing”, students, did this really happen to me?! Is this some cruel joke?!

Have you ever had a slow motion experience? Like when you see something is about to happen, and you know it’s about to happen, but you can’t do anything about it?

There might as well be a commentator saying, “And in about 2 seconds, ladies and gentlemen, First year CTEP math student Hanna is about to be humiliated in front of her entire class.”


I don’t know why I’m posting this for the entire world to read, but here goes nothing. I’m about to reveal my darkest humiliation to you guys… It basically happened like this:

  1. Me: “La- di- da!! This walk to North building sure was tiring, and now I feel a little warm. Justine, would you like to get iced caps from Tim Horton’s?”

  1. Justine: “Why sure, Hanna! What a great idea!”

  1. We both buy iced caps and go to our next room, and settle into our seats. I put my iced cap on the pullout table on my chair, and Justine sits next to me, and puts her iced cap on her little pullout table.

  1. “La- di- da!! What a beautiful day!” I’m reaching for my bag to pull out my notebook, and….

  1. I graciously graze my iced cap which beautifully falls and spills over my pretty, new, WHITE pants.


At this point, you are probably feeling very sorry for me. You might be laughing a little. And that’s okay. You might even think something along the lines of, “Oh, man. That’s unfortunate, Hanna, but honestly it’s not that big a deal.”


If you think that’s it… Then you’re poorly mistaken. Because, trust me, you did not see this coming:

  1. My friend Justine (who is honestly, just so sweet) kindly runs to the Timmy’s and gets some napkins. She leans over to try to help me clean up the mess…. And…

  2. Her little pullout table ceremoniously tips over, and her iced cap majestically also flips onto my new white pants.

Yes. That’s right. I not only spilled one drink on myself. Within the span of 2 minutes. I spilled two drinks on myself. SMH. LIKE. NO. Spilling one drink was not bad enough….

Here’s the silver lining though.

This happened about 5 minutes before lecture started, and in those 5 minutes, I discovered how incredibly amazing my course mates are.

  • This one girl, Jesirene, volunteered to go and grab me an extra pair of pants from her gym locker. (This happened 5 minutes before lecture, remember?) This means that this girl, who I’d never done anything for, booked it there and back, and risked being late to lecture. Honestly, I was so touched that someone would do something like that for me!

  • All of the other girls who were sitting around me, stopped me in my futile attempts to clean things up, and told me to just go to the bathroom and take care of myself. When I got back, the floor, my seat, and the pullout table were all completely clean! They had all worked together to clean up my mess 

So I’ve got to say, although I wouldn’t want to have that experience again, I’m sort of glad that it happened once. Now I feel that the UTM CTEP program, is exactly the right place for me. UTM, you’ve made me feel welcome and comfortable, and unafraid to laugh at myself, knowing that nobody is judging. Thank you!

So, if you’re going to get anything at all from this blog post:

1. UTM people are actually incredible. Nuff said.




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