5 Ways to Wellbeing

Before university officially started, I attended some Head Start sessions on campus, which were basically aimed at getting students more prepared for university.

My favourite session, by far, was one about 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Apart from the presenter, Chad, being extremely witty and entertaining in his presentation, the 5 points he talked about actually made sense. So I thought I might summarize, a little bit, how I’ve been trying to implement these steps in my university life:

Connect: I’ve been making a special effort to stay connected with my high school besties. In the 10 minute periods before class starts, I like to write a close friend a letter, or a postcard if I have one handy. When I’m finished, I stick a stamp on that baby and send it off. It’s a great way of reminding my friends that I miss them and care about them.

Be Active: I tried Zumba this week! There’s a drop in class every Monday and Thursday that’s entirely free for UTM students. It was such a great time! To tell you the truth, I entirely lack any physical coordination, especially in the dancing department, but this class was easy to follow, got me breathing a little heavy, and taught me a new skill. I’ll definitely be going back!

Learn: So I’ve written a diary ever since I started high school, and ever since then, I’ve always wanted to try out writing somewhere professionally. Like for a magazine or a newspaper. This opportunity to blog is exactly what I’ve always wanted to learn to do, and I’m glad that I now get the chance to learn to do it!

Give back: I’ve mostly been doing little things. Like holding doors (even when people are an awkwardly long distance away :P) and smiling at strangers. But I was super excited when I got the chance to help some of my peers study for a proofs quiz. We booked a study room, and I was able to help everyone out by solving a hard question on the white board.

Take Notice: Have I mentioned how GORGEOUS UTM is? And guess what? I was able to spot a surprising animal on campus. No I don’t mean the deer. Although they’re pretty cool too. Do you know the stone bridge? (A.K.A. if you ever feel like meeting me, I’ll be there.) Well, in the pond over which the bridge crosses, I saw 2 turtles!

Tell me if you’ve done anything that fits into these categories, or anything else you think is great for wellbeing. 🙂


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