I <3 my goofy, gorgeous, lame, INCREDIBLE FRIENDS

Meet my friend Annie. We met in Calculus, and bonded over being bored in Calculus. In fact, this selfie was taken in Calculus, because we were very bored… Surprise, surprise. Annie’s great. We share the same sense of humour, and she’s the perfect combination of fun and cynical. I knew we were going to be […]

Writing my first University Essay:

This is generally how it went: I can write on one of these 5 books. Which shall I choose? (Saying “shall” instead of “should” makes me sound sophisticated. Perhaps this will help me in writing my essay. “Perhaps” also makes me sound sophisticated. Hmmm… I’m procrastinating already. Bad sign. Okay back to the essay.) I’ve […]

Wrecking ball.

Most days driving to school is fairly uneventful. But this is what happened to me last week: La-di-da what a nice day! Driving on days like today is so much fun! You don’t have to worry about rain, or snow, or fog. It’s already eleven, so there’s no traffic. I’ll turn on my radio and […]

Stress Snacks

Sushi…. Pistachios, Peanuts, Chestnuts, Doughnuts… Noodles…………………… with shrimp and garlic. Blackberries, Avocados, Watermelon. I love these foods. No. I love food period. And food and I have a good relationship!… For the most part. Or we used to… Before University complicated EVERYTHING. See everything was going so well, and now, I don’t even know where […]

Beware of the monsters at UTM

As kids, we looked forward to Halloween because it meant a night of magical, mischievous adventure. Disguised as witches and superheroes and animals of various sorts, we scoured our neighbourhoods in search for goodies galore. In high school, we looked forward to it because it meant adorning some cat ears or an officer’s hat, and […]