I sit beside… What’s-his-face?

I was running a bit late for my first ever comp sci lecture, so I sat down in the first empty seat I saw in the packed room and I let out a breath of relief that the class hadn’t started yet. I found myself sitting beside this random guy I didn’t know.

Comp sci lectures have a participation component where you have to answer a question using your clicker. Then you discuss the question with your neighbour, work through it, etc. and you get another chance to answer the question.

So when the Prof. projected the first question on the board, I turned to my neighbour and introduced myself. And he introduced himself too. And we worked through the problem. And we’ve been sitting beside each other almost every lecture. And everything is dandy except that I CAN’T REMEMBER HIS NAME…

How was I to know that we’d end up being semi-permanent lecture buddies? I heard so many introductions in my first week, I couldn’t possibly have remembered all of the new names!

Since I can’t just straight out ask him what his name is (because that would be super embarrassing) I’m on a mission to discover his name using stealthy, espionage-y tactics. Oh Yeah… Agent double-o-Hanna.

1. When he uses his tablet or phone and goes on Facebook, I try to casually lean over and see what his account name is. The problem with that is, I can’t do it for too long because he’ll think I’m a creep. So I haven’t been successful on this account yet.

2. I asked to see his notes and when he handed me his notebook I pretended to lose the page and took a peek at the cover and inside of the cover. No luck!

3. I saw him in the hall, talking to his friends, and so I briefly joined the group to “say hello” but really to listen to what his friends called him. All they called him was “man”, and “dude”.  -_-

4. I got desperate. I told him in passing how my good friend calls me, “Hanny Banany” in hopes that he might tell me a nickname of his. He didn’t tell me a nickname.

Pleaaassee. NOTHING is working. What do I do?


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