Wrecking ball.

Most days driving to school is fairly uneventful. But this is what happened to me last week:

La-di-da what a nice day! Driving on days like today is so much fun! You don’t have to worry about rain, or snow, or fog. It’s already eleven, so there’s no traffic. I’ll turn on my radio and be on my way!

I love this song! I’ll bob my head and sing along really loud!

Change of song.

Miley Cyrus? Uhh… What the heck? That girl is nuts but nothing can ruin my day so I’ll sing along to this too.

“Don’t you ever say… I just walked away!”

Red light. I have plenty of time to stop safely! Break. Ooh the chorus of the song. So catchy!


CRASH. From behind. My car is totaled. I’m going to DIE. NO. I’m already dead. Or paralyzed. OR WORSE, expelled! You did this to me MILEY.

Breath. Ouch. I got hit! From behind! It’s probably a car not a wrecking ball… check my mirror. Yes, it’s definitely not a wrecking ball. It’s definitely a car.

Shaky hands. Turn off the radio. Shut up Miley. Not funny anymore. Stop wrecking people’s cars.

What documents am I supposed to have? License and registration? No I’m not being pulled over by a cop… I need insurance. Where is that!? What does it look like!? DO I HAVE IT?!

Oh yeah, I remember now, the glove compartment, got it. Oh man…. My car must be ruined. I’ll be in so much trouble, my insurance rate is gonna go up, I’m gonna be paralyzed, and then I’m going to die.

Shaky legs. Get out of the car. Go look at the damage… oh man…

Please don’t be too bad, please don’t be too bad…

Looking back, I think I may have overreacted a little bit. See, there was no damage. NONE. Apart from a tiny crack in the paint job that my mechanic said may have been there before the crash.

I’m mad that the lady who crashed into me doesn’t have to pay anything. Like, I get it – there’s no damage. I wasn’t hurt. But I also didn’t stop abruptly, or cut her off. I was standing safely at a red light when she crashed into me! It DOESN’T MATTER that there’s no damage. I WANT COMPENSATION! If not for my nerves then for her blatantly reckless driving!

The only silver lining to this situation is that I’ve learned that being a good driver doesn’t guarantee your safety on the roads. You need to be vigilant and aware at all times, even on beautiful, traffic-less days.

But you don’t have to rub it in Miley. Shut up. I get it.



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