I <3 my goofy, gorgeous, lame, INCREDIBLE FRIENDS

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 3.01.58 PM

Meet my friend Annie. We met in Calculus, and bonded over being bored in Calculus. In fact, this selfie was taken in Calculus, because we were very bored… Surprise, surprise.

Annie’s great. We share the same sense of humour, and she’s the perfect combination of fun and cynical. I knew we were going to be great friends when she showed me her croissant-shaped pen and we laughed about it for a solid 10 minutes. (Because, okay, how bizarre is a croissant-shaped pen?)

Here is the uncropped version of the photo above.

Meet my friend Tyler. I wasn’t aware he was in this picture until after I saw it… But he makes the picture doesn’t he? We met in our first Comp Sci Tutorial and we’ve been Comp Sci buddies ever since. He has an epic talent; he can talk using really big words and say absolutely nothing. This is very entertaining, and never fails to crack me up. He’s also very fun to argue with, which we do… A LOT.

I’m really thankful for the friends I’ve made at university. UTM already feels like home, and my friends already feel like family. Who could ask for anything more?!


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