S.O.D. (Sweater-obsessive-disorder)

People constantly tell me that they moved away from home to, “GET AWAY FROM MY PARENTS!”

And okay, I get it. Living with parents can be challenging, but since the other day, I’ve grown to appreciate them a whole lot more.

This is what happened:

My parents went shopping, and I was glad I had the house to myself since I was frantically trying to finish an essay.

My dad texted me saying, “Mama cRAzy!”

I was momentarily puzzled but then went back to work.

Half an hour later, my mum texted me saying, “I hope u sweater! Try it soon!”

This was all very mysterious. Parental text messages always contain a combination of spelling and grammar errors enough to confuse even the most talented code decryptors in the world. So I decided to just wait and see.

Another half an hour passed when my parents noisily squeezed themselves, and three ENOURMOUS garbage bags through the front door.

You know how Zellers is shutting down? Well….. It hasn’t shut down quite yet. My mum managed to find one final Zellers. A Zellers in which she spent three hours picking out ridiculously marked-down comfy, cozy, man sweaters to bring home to me. And just in time for cold sweater weather!

So yes. The three garbage bags contained 12 sweaters for me to choose from.

12……I’m not sure if you realize just how many sweaters 12 sweaters is, so here’s pictures of just 9 of them. I only kept 2 by the way… okay fine, I kept 3.

So THANK YOU Mum! For going entirely nuts and satisfying my need for sweaters for the next decade! And thank you Dad! Because I honestly don’t understand how you let Mum buy 12 sweaters…

Sorry, I lied. I actually kept 4….

Happy sweater weather everyone!



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