Friendly Reminder

It’s high time, after writing this blog for this long, that I introduce my readers to a dear friend of mine. We’ve been very close ever since we met when I was in grade 11. He’s stuck with me through thick and thin, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend, supporter, and mascot.

Meet McGraw Hill.


I discovered McGraw Hill in a kinder surprise which mum purchased for me when I was diligently cramming for my grade 11 Functions exam.

Appropriately, I named him after my grade 11 Functions book.

He’s helped me study for several exams, and I’m relying on him to help me though these upcoming exams too.

I’m also relying on my good friends, microwave popcorn, and cozy pyjamas.

Moreover, and probably to better effect, I’m also relying on my real friends; the ones that breathe and walk around and stuff. (No offense McGraw Hill)

What I hope to convey in this blog is: When you’re feeling like this about your exams:


Remember to fall back on your good friends.

They know what you’re going through, and are probably going through the same things too. In talking to them you’re likely to help them as well as yourself.

Exams are definitely stressful and difficult, but if you study diligently, allow yourself some time to relax between work sessions, and take advantage of the good company of close friends, I’m confident that you’ll make it through alright.


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