Mr. Darcy vs. Exam Prep.

I can almost feel it… I can almost see it… I can almost taste it! Freedom!

The prospect of having absolutely nothing to do for a delicious several weeks.

NO quizzes to study for.

NO homework to catch up on.

NO papers to hand in.

When I enter this train of thought I find it hard to bring myself back to reality. And yet, exams are still to come. I’m not quite there yet. I need to bear it a little longer. This image usually helps:


This is the stack of practice final exams that my mum’s generously printed off for me at work.

As daunting as this image is… prior to locking myself into my room for the next two weeks, I decided to award myself one weekend of freedom.

So… Instead of studying this weekend… I :

  • Went out for pizza with my friends to celebrate writing a big Calculus test on Friday. (YAY for 10% student discounts.)
  • I began reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the twenty billionth time… (Hello Mr. Darcy!)
  • I went insane in a Dollarama: Buying gift bags, wrapping paper, and ribbon galore. I must confess, wrapping presents is a freak obsession of mine. (Oh and I also bought reindeer antlers for my car.)
  • I went out for sushi with my dear friend Julia. We had a marvelous time chatting, catching up, and stuffing ourselves with all-you-can-eat goodness. (Below is one of the beautiful dishes that is no more…)
  • I finished reading Pride and Prejudice (Not a short book by any means… But… Cmon… It’s Mr. Darcy!)
  • I watched Pride and Prejudice the movie… Because reading the book didn’t take me long enough.
  • Oh, and I slept for 11- 12 hour stretches each night.

It was a good weekend, but tomorrow begins hard-core exam prep. Wish me luck…



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