Counting Blessings

Being a university student can be challenging. What with all of the deadlines, assignments and lectures, it’s easy to get down. So I thought I’d make a list of the little things that make all the hassles worthwhile. Here are 20 things that make me smile: 1)      Walking into Davis and finding that there’s no […]

Drawing Notes

So, a lot of the time when people catch a glimpse of my notes during class, they see my doodles and think I’m not paying attention. I can see how my (sometime elaborate) doodles could make someone think that, but let me explain. Drawing during class actually helps me concentrate! The way most of my […]

Where I Belong

Something’s been on my mind lately… Throughout high school, I’ve always had my 3 best girl-friends. We were all very involved, very enthusiastic and very high-achieving. Every day lunch would start off as a hang-out-session with friends, but would inevitably end in a heated discussions about religion, the education system, abortion, the precise meaning of […]

Love (your Prof.) at first sight?

Going to the first lecture of a course is a bit like going on a first date. You’re nervous… He/she is nervous… You’re hoping it’s going to work out. He/she is trying to make a good first impression. You’re ready for the commitment. He/she is very qualified for the position. And it’s all riding on […]