Love (your Prof.) at first sight?

Going to the first lecture of a course is a bit like going on a first date.

You’re nervous…

He/she is nervous…

You’re hoping it’s going to work out.

He/she is trying to make a good first impression.

You’re ready for the commitment.

He/she is very qualified for the position.

And it’s all riding on the first lecture…


This will be the start of a meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding partnership.


This will be the start of a tedious, difficult acquaintance that you can’t wait to be rid of.


He/she will be an incredible conversationalist… They will communicate in a way that makes you interested in the subject. He/she will mumble unintelligibly and leave you wondering whether there’s any pasta left over for dinner.
He/she will be very genuine. They will outline their expectations and hopes in a way that will motivate you to impress them. He/she will be dishonest. They’ll say they’re looking for one thing, but they mean something entirely different. They’ll make you feel as though there’s no right answer.
He/she will want to get to know you. They will assure you that you can always reach them during office hours. He/she will start their first lecture by saying something like, “Look to your right, now look to your left. None of you will pass my tests.”
You’ll find yourself saying, “Wow I could go for another hour of this!” You’ll find yourself staring at the clock and second-guessing your life-decisions.

Anyways, we all get great Profs. and not-so-great Profs.

This semester I’ve been reminding myself that every Prof. has a lot to teach me, and that I need to have a good attitude and an open mind to take advantage of my instructors’ knowledge.

At the end of the day… It’s not a date. I don’t have to be BFFs with my instructor.

I just have to be smarter at the end of their course than I was at the beginning.


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