Drawing Notes

So, a lot of the time when people catch a glimpse of my notes during class, they see my doodles and think I’m not paying attention. I can see how my (sometime elaborate) doodles could make someone think that, but let me explain.

Drawing during class actually helps me concentrate!

The way most of my math lectures work, is that the prof. defines a concept, then give several examples. This is great! If you don’t get it the first time, you definitely will in one of the several examples.

If you DO get it the first time, or the second time around, you find yourself bored and fidgety.

THIS is when I doodle.

Once I understand a concept, I listen to the professor work through examples while I draw. It actually helps me pay attention because it gives my hands something to do!

So… having explained that I don’t go to lecture simply to ignore them, here are some of my creations from the past couple of weeks:

Do you do anything to concentrate during class? Tell me about it in the comments!ImageImageImageImageImage


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