Counting Blessings

Being a university student can be challenging. What with all of the deadlines, assignments and lectures, it’s easy to get down. So I thought I’d make a list of the little things that make all the hassles worthwhile. Here are 20 things that make me smile:

1)      Walking into Davis and finding that there’s no line at Tim Horton’s

2)      Wearing oversized man-sweaters and drinking a Timmie’s French Vanilla when it’s cold.

3)      Someone asking you where you got your oversized man-sweater, and telling them you got it at Goodwill for 3 dollars.

4)      After reading the Maltese Falcon for English, finding out that it’s been made into a movie, and watching it “for homework.”

5)      Fridays.

6)      Starting up my car Monday morning to find that my dad filled up the gas tank over the weekend.

7)      Walking into a lecture hall and your friends waving you over to a seat.

8)      Getting a window table in the cafe and enjoying the sun in the toasty warm.

9)      When your socks match your scarf, hat and gloves.

10)   Someone mentioning that there’s a math assignment due online tonight: Freaking out for 5 seconds then remembering that you’ve already done it.

11)   Computer Science prof explaining that we shouldn’t get discouraged with this next topic because it’s very tricky and takes some time to understand. What is this concept? Something we’ve already learned in proofs. Score.

12)   Seeing a deer.

13)   Seeing 2 deer.

14)   Seeing 12 deer. (Yes this happened to me.)

15)   Finding out your friend loves the same obscure indie song you love.

16)   Finding out your friend has the same 3 hour gap as you.

17)   Math puns.

18)   Finding the perfect parking spot and not damaging your car, yourself, anyone else’s car, or anyone else, while parking in it.

19)   Chatting with the super-friendly guy with blue/green hair who works in Davis.

20)   Michael Cera. Enough said.

21)   Tricking people about the lengths of lists.

What makes you happy? Tell me in the comments!


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