Job Journey

It all started with my friend Annie persuading me to go to the job fair. I’m not usually one for crowded places and I already had a summer camp job lined up for this year, but I reluctantly decided to come along for moral support.

One of the booths caught my attention! A tour agency that does grade 7/8 grad tours around Ontario and Quebec. They were looking for university students to be “Activity Directors”; the people who stand in front of the bus and tell you cool history things when you pass places, check you into hotels, etc.

I did a quick check of the dates they hire:

Doesn’t interfere with school. Check.

Doesn’t interfere with camp. Check!

I decided to send in a resume!  Why not?

They got back to me within the week and invited me to an interview!

Apart from the usual:

“MOM! What do I wear to a *insert type of job here* interview!?”

“Do I tell them I’m only first year or do they already know?”

“I don’t speak French! SHOULD I SPEAK FRENCH!? I need a French tutor!”

I was pretty excited.

The interview went well. I feel like I talked 10 times faster than I should have, and answered in pretty typical ways, but I guess it worked because the guy invited me back for a group interview!

So I hung around in a Timmies for a couple of hours (the second interview was later that same day) and came back, somewhat nervous. (Coffee does that to you before an interview F.Y.I.)

The group interview was, like, the FUNNEST thing ever! The guy explained that he just wanted to see us interact in group settings, to see if we were comfortable, confident etc. So the interview was a bunch of games, skits and presentations.

I had to do a presentation about the biggest piece of cheese ever that was created in a little Canadian town called Perth. It went well! I even threw in some cheesy jokes for good measure, and everyone laughed. 😉

At the end of the interview, the guy explained what the job would be like. I would go for a 3-5 day tour every week. Stay in hotels. Eat at restaurants. See new places. Meet new people. I’m sure there would be challenges too, but what a great experience right? It got me so pumped about the job!

That’s why, when I got an acceptance/ invitation of employment letter the other day, I was ecstatic! 🙂 I can’t believe that I got it, and I can’t wait for this awesome opportunity! Sounds like I’m all set for an incredible summer. 😀


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