Reading Week Toast

Here’s to the week that was supposed to last two weeks but lasted 4 days. Here’s to all the things that were supposed to get finished…. Assignments, an essay, midterm studying, catching up on homework, reading the next couple of English books. Here’s to all the things that got finished…. One assignment, a bit of […]

19th Birthday Fun

I feel like as I grow older, birthday’s become less and less important to me. When I was a kid I used to look forward to it months in advance and plan a really special day and so on. Fortunately, my incredible friends and family made it one of my best birthdays ever. On my […]

What to do on Valentine’s Day

So it’s here once again, a day dedicated entirely to Love. It seems to be culturally acceptable for those of us who aren’t romantically involved to mope about how lonely and depressed we are. But as tempting as consuming a full tub of ice-cream and re-watching The Notebook sounds, I’ve come up with 10 better […]