My Addiction (A poem that doesn’t rhyme, and isn’t a poem)

I am an addict.

It all started 3 weeks ago.

I’d gotten sick. I felt out of control of my body. I decided I could use a little help.

Something herbal.

Not too much. Just enough to warm me up and make me feel happy.

It was so good. I had more.

And even more.

It does wonders for the body you know? Loosens you up and makes you warm.

I had 7 yesterday. And I’ve already had 4 today.

I’m having one as I write this.

It’s so good.  I need help. I can’t stop.

I can’t stop drinking…



Camomile, passion fruit, Earl Gray, Raspberry.

With lemon and honey. With milk and sugar. Or just plain.

Almost boiling. Or just lukewarm.


If you enjoyed this extreme over-dramatization of tea, do check out the trailer for the short film “The Tea Chronicles”:


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