Reading Week Toast

Here’s to the week that was supposed to last two weeks but lasted 4 days.

Here’s to all the things that were supposed to get finished….

Assignments, an essay, midterm studying, catching up on homework, reading the next couple of English books.

Here’s to all the things that got finished….

One assignment, a bit of homework, one English book.

And here’s to all the things that got done, that weren’t originally on any to-do list.

–        Going to see the most ridiculous romance movie with a best friend. Feeling silly about buying two tickets for ‘Endless Love’, and still enjoying every gag-worthy, unrealistic moment of it.

 –        Getting up with an uncharacteristic resolve to accomplish something. Deciding to bake a cake. Failing miserably and disposing of the evidence before anybody got home.

 –        Watching the bachelor. Contemplating all of the poisonous messages the show sends and how detrimental it is to women’s self-esteem and relationship standards… And then watching the next episode.

 –        Going shopping and finding the perfect pair of pants. Going to the register to find that they’re 40% off.

 –        Worrying about a boy.

 –        Going to bed later and later every night, and consequently getting up later and later every morning…. or more like afternoon. Entertaining the thought of pulling a whole non-sleep-for-a-day loop in order to get back to the normal sleeping schedule.

 –        Going to a club and having the time of your life. Dancing with some guy who must have been a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance at some point or another. Having your mediocre-at-best dance moves seem professional thanks to said guy.

 –        Lasting a whole night in heels. Waking up the next morning and feeling as though you’ve done 1000 squats.

 –        Going to Shoppers Drug Mart to get floss… Leaving with four new shades of nail polish. Going home and painting your nails pink. Then painting them red… Then painting them purple… Then painting them in the original pink.

 –        Reconnecting with two friends you haven’t seen in a year. Reminiscing about things you did together that seemed like mistakes, but have somehow turned into pleasant memories. Then going out and making new mistakes. Suspecting that you won’t think they’re mistakes in the future.

So Cheers! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

God, I’m loving life.


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