Are Blackberries Hipster?

It’s actually silly how much criticism I get about my phone. It’s an old Blackberry Curve. I got it some 2 and a half years ago, and it’s served me quite well. And it still is! It still works as well as it did on the very first day I got it.

My phone has a bunch of missing buttons, some missing case parts, a half destroyed camera, and a decoration that used to be a heart sticker but lost a bunch of parts. So I can see how some people might think it’s time for a new one… But not me.

Image  Image

I think this phone serves my purpose exactly. I can call, I can text, it takes pictures, it has my contacts, and it has my music. Hence, we may make the educated conclusion that it is all around boss and it’s not going anywhere.

Nevertheless, every day people try to persuade me otherwise. Here’s some arguments that people make and my responses:

1)      Are you trying to be a hipster? Only hipsters still have Blackberries.

No… I’m not trying to be anything. I just can’t be bothered to get a new phone, especially since this one works just fine.

2)      There’s nothing wrong with you liking your old phone, but I personally am really into technology, that’s why I got my new phone.

No… See what you did there is imply that I’m not into technology. Which I am. But being into technology doesn’t mean you have to have the latest thing all the time. It’s doing the research to get a phone that is well made, will serve your purpose, and will give you bang for your buck.

 3)      You can get a free phone with *insert incredibly overpriced provider here*!

No… Getting a “free” phone on a three year plan (where you pay 70 dollars a month) doesn’t make the phone free. Getting a free phone is keeping the one you have. THAT’S free.

 4)      You don’t have data connection on your phone! Wouldn’t it be great to ALWAYS have email and Facebook and such at your fingertips?

No… I’m a strong believer of face-to-face communication. That’s why I check my email and Facebook only when I’m at a computer, and not in the middle of a conversation with somebody.

So, feeling a little bit rebellious against all of the people that suggest I need a new phone, I devised a plan. I thought, I could buy a phone now, and put down 3 or 4 hundred dollars. Or I could keep my phone and still have that money… And maybe put it to some better use. So… starting today, for every day that I keep my phone, I’m going to donate one dollar to SickKids. I’m sure that that way, the money will be put to much better use than if I got a gadget that I really didn’t need.


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