Oscar Highlights

The Oscars and the Miss Universe Pageant hold a very special place in my heart…

Well… By special, I mean, unique, not really special.

They’re both events I watch mainly because I like looking at the dresses. Neither are events I particularly look forward to throughout the year, but when I hear that they’ll be on Sunday night, I get excited and waste a whole evening watching them instead of doing more important things.

Here’s a list of my favourite moments and people from the 2014 Oscars:

1)      Lupita Nyong’o: This lady… Her performance in 12 Years a Slave took my breath away. Her speech for Best Supporting Actress was so sweet and sincere! And on top of all of this, she was the most beautifully dressed out of everyone. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future!

Image2)      Jennifer Lawrence: After last year’s fiasco, way to trip over a pylon honey. I’d feel bad for her except for the fact that she’s the sassiest, coolest person ever, and I wouldn’t be surprised if young girls started deliberately tripping over things to be just like her. (Her dress… meh, but the fact that it’s Jennifer Lawrence inside of that dress makes it flawless.)

3)      Matthew McConaughey: His Best Actor speech was comparable to some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s masterpieces. Having said that… if McConaughey thought that up just in case he won… I wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio had planned :(. (Let’s just all take a moment of silence for Leo… Keep trying buddy, we believe in you!)

Image4)      Tribute to Judy Garland (Dorothy from Wizard of Oz): I really enjoyed this bit of the Oscars. My go-to sing-in-the-shower song is ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, so I was a happy camper humming along with Pink’s incredible vocals. (Her dress was stunning by the way.) To top it all off, I enjoyed Ellen’s unexpected little costume change a little bit too much…

      Image  Image

5)      Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Watson: I don’t remember (or particularly care) what they presented, but they both looked adorable doing it.Image6)      The Moon Song from Her: This was one of the nominations for The Best Original Song and although Frozen took the prize, it’s a winner in my eyes. (… In my ears?)

Did you have a favourite Oscar moment or dress or person?


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