Drawing Notes (Part 4)

Here’s four more doodles I’ve found riddled throughout my various math notes. Not exactly what you’d expect to find eh? Once again, the colours are edited in.

This one’s from linear algebra:

ImageThis one’s from Calculus. My friend Annie had a good laugh when she first saw it… She was wondering if it’s a lady or a man. We decided to call her Helga.

ImageMore calculus.

ImageThis is the last one. Funny story about where, in my notes, it came from actually. I had the opportunity to lead a math contest prep. session for Grade 5-6 students over the weekend. Looking over some of the problems I had to solve, I had to reteach myself subtraction… You’d think, doing math in university I’d remember this… Nah.

So this is the back of the magazine which I used as scrap paper. There was a picture of a girl on it originally. I just did the lines on her face.



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