Canada: Wardrobe Joy-Kill

All through high school I had a uniform which consisted of gray pants and a navy shirt. In keeping with the true high-school-student spirit, I’m obligated to complain about this. I have to say how hideous the uniform was, and how it smothered my individuality. It’s sort of required.

But… It wasn’t ALL bad. For example:

1)      Getting ready in the morning was a lot simpler. My typical-teenage egocentric concerns and insecurities were limited to hair and makeup, and not clothes. This was nice. I wasn’t expected to wear anything other than the uniform, so I didn’t.

 2)      The money I made through summer jobs was saved for pretty cools things, such as traveling with my friends, or going out, trying new restaurants etc. rather than being spent on excessive amounts of clothing.

 3)      This one’s a bit gross… If a shirt was still relatively clean, I could wear it two or three days in a row without washing it and nobody would know the difference. This way, clothes stayed new longer, and money/ the environment were saved with the reduced laundry loads.

So I don’t regret having had a uniform in high school. Having said that, however, I was very excited to get to wear whatever I want in University. In prep for this year I went shopping near and far, in stores ranging from designer labels to goodwill, and everything in between.

And then REALITY hit hard….

All of those incredibly Hanna-esque outfits wouldn’t keep me warm through this harsh Canadian winter… Flowy skirts are no match for blizzards and blouses can’t handle ice-storms. So most days, I wear a pair of pants and a comfy sweater instead. I mean I have quite a variety of sweaters… But my outfits are still essentially pants, and sweaters…

C’mon Canada… I was so excited to finally not have a uniform… And instead… Wait… I just noticed… I’m wearing gray pants and a navy sweater today….   

It’s officially the first day of spring tomorrow, so I’m hoping the weather turns for the better so I can break out those pretty skirts and blouses.


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