Wild Life

I love going out. Whether it’s a club or a bar or a concert, I just soak it all in.

There’s something about being in a crowded place, loud music blaring, heart pounding, that’s so exhilarating. You feel like you’re part of something bigger. Like you’re grown up and on top of the world. You forget the work you have to get done, and the people you have to deal with, and the people you’re sad you don’t talk to anymore, and everything’s alright.

You feel like letting out a scream of joy and doing a sound-of-music twirl, arms outstretched, because you know this is what being young and reckless feels like.

Yesterday I had one of those transcendent nights.

I went to a Hedley concert with a friend. It was out of this world. This band, USS, opened for them. I’ve been really into USS lately so that was epic. There’s nothing like hearing your favourite songs live to remind you that music is made by living, breathing human beings, and not far-off unrealistic celebrities. I love it when the singer’s voice breaks at an unexpected moment because it reminds you that it isn’t pre-recorded… It’s real life.

Here’s a picture of my view of the stage:

ImageAnd here’s another picture of the same place that I took when everyone was waving their phones during a slow song. I didn’t mean for it to be out of focus, but it looks cool doesn’t it?

ImageSo after USS I had a screw-it-type realization where I was like, “Haha, there’s no way I’m staying all the way up here for the whole concert!” So my friend and I climbed over the row of screaming-banshees we were sitting beside, and snuck into a different section that was 10 times closer to the stage. We stayed there for the remainder of the concert… which was incredible.

Apart from playing most of their new album, which I absolutely love, they also played some favourite oldies. “Anything” was awesome, “Wild Life” was just… I’m speechless. And let’s be honest, I teared up a bit when they played “Old School”. Overall it was incredible.

And then we ended the night by meeting up with some friends and having a couple of drinks. The place we went to was so loud! I had to yell to be heard, since my voice, which normally doesn’t carry across a table, was even further gone from cheering during the concert. Here’s me with my beer.


Overall, I had the time of my life.


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