I really dislike sleep. I try not to hate things but as far as sleep goes it’s right up there on the list of things that aren’t my favourite. Sleep just doesn’t make sense. I mean, for a third of our lives we are confined to an unconscious state. And probably another third of our […]

Spontaneous, Illogical Opportunities

I was on Facebook today and an advertisement popped up. It was for an agency that hires people to teach English to kids in France. You’d live in France (obviously) and work as a teacher/ nanny for one or several families. You’d stay for at least 4 months. I checked out the website, looked over […]

Wine and Work

Thursday I wrote TWO exams. Both three hours long. The first was English. It went well. The second was Computer Science. I need a 40% to pass. Let’s just say, I’m doubtful that will happen. I went into a sort of hibernation Friday. Napping/ reading/ bawling my eyes out through a Harry Potter movie. And […]