Wine and Work

Thursday I wrote TWO exams. Both three hours long. The first was English. It went well. The second was Computer Science. I need a 40% to pass. Let’s just say, I’m doubtful that will happen.

I went into a sort of hibernation Friday. Napping/ reading/ bawling my eyes out through a Harry Potter movie. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

At an ungodly 6:00 AM this morning, my peaceful, rejuvenating hibernation was rudely interrupted by some over-played pop song on my alarm. I had WORK TRAINING. After lying under the covers for an extra 5 minutes and trying to block out the increasing volume of the song, I got myself together and sprung out of bed. I find it helps to spring out of bed on the mornings you feel like whining and feeling sorry for yourself.

Took a shower, got dressed, had a coffee, kissed my mum, and started one of the best days of my life.

It all started at Union Train station. My crumby morning? Didn’t stand a chance. I can’t help but be happy in a place like this.

ImageIf you ever come to Toronto, do spend half an hour in this room. It will give you an unforgettable feeling of insignificance and importance at the same time.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be working as a tour-guide this summer. I’ll be doing educational tours in Ottawa for grade 7 and 8 students. So, very appropriately, we boarded a coach bus. Buses are generally unglamorous, but even the bus managed to look magical when the sun came through the windows as we drove through Toronto’s suburbs.

ImageOur first stop was Niagara on the Lake. A lovely little historic town by Niagara Falls. We stopped for a coffee break and, me being me, I ogled at the quaint little houses with their 19th century architecture.

Then we made our way to Great Wolf Lodge where we had lunch and did a bit of training. Here’s me with my bear-buddy.

ImageThe whole day was incredible. I made a lot of friends. I mean, I’d known these people before. But somehow sharing a meal and a bus journey brings people closer together.

I’d also grown more confident. Three times throughout the day I had to stand in front of the whole group, and “spiel” into a microphone about some historical event. This entails giving a short, informative yet entertaining speech. In the morning this task was a little daunting, but by the end of the day I felt more comfortable telling a story to a large group of people.

The weather was boss. Warm and sunny.

As if this hadn’t been enough. Before heading home, our bus delivered us to a winery, where we did a wine tasting. So let’s get this straight… I was paid to have wine. My favourite was definitely the white ice wine that the Niagara region is known for.

I twirled my glass around to let the wine breathe and tried to make myself breathe also. The whole situation was just so bizarrely beautiful.

ImageAfter we got back, on my way home on the subway, this cute guy smiled and waved at me. He had a longboard. I’m generally not cool enough for people with longboards. So that was nice.


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