I really dislike sleep. I try not to hate things but as far as sleep goes it’s right up there on the list of things that aren’t my favourite.

Sleep just doesn’t make sense.

I mean, for a third of our lives we are confined to an unconscious state. And probably another third of our lives, be it in the mornings or in the evenings, we’re craving this unconscious state.

And the sad thing is, the less we sleep, the more we want to sleep.

Unlike your standard addiction, where if you cut off your supply for long enough, you’ll stop craving it, sleep is an entirely different kind of drug. The less you have the more you want it. And you know this is a life-long addiction, until finally you succumb to it and fall sleep forever.

And what a mischievous devil sleep is. You know when you need a good night’s rest the most, it alludes you. If you’re nervous or excited about something, and you need time to pass, sleep won’t come. Time will drag on. And you will thrash around in your bed all night. Finally you will fall asleep. And you will be unconsciously grateful until your alarm goes off what seems like 2 minutes later.

I learned about inertia in grade school. When something is moving it won’t stop moving unless something stops it.

That’s like me I guess. If I’m asleep, the only reason I would wake up is if my alarm went off. Similarly when I’m awake, the only thing that compels me to go to sleep is the fear of my alarm the next morning.

That’s why I’m writing this blog at 2:18 in the morning. Because I know tomorrow there’s no shrill alarm. Just early afternoon sunlight through my window, the rumble of the lawnmower outside, and the smell of lunch.


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