Whatta Week

Last week I had my second trip to Ottawa! This one was just a training trip, which means that I was on a bus with an experienced tour guide, and got the chance to learn from her.

I couldn’t have been any luckier in getting Surbhi as my mentor! She was honestly soooo sweet! She gave me many awesome tips about organization and time management and I was impressed by how patient and accommodating she was.

The trip was, simply put, bizarre.

Why was it bizarre?


1)      The kids had a trip scheduled to a swimming pool on one of the nights. One of the children asked their principal if he was going to wear a speedo. (Uncomfortable already a bit eh?) The principal answered, “Yes, my neon green banana hammock.” DOT DOT DOT

2)      At 10:00 the next night, Surbhi and I went to sign in the nighttime security guard. We found the kids having a party in the halls. Looking around for some teachers to help control this mess, we noticed that the teachers were comfortably lounging on the other side of the hall. Upon coming closer to them, we overheard them discussing the marijuana leaf pattern on a student’s socks. Dot dot dot

3)      Despite the driver’s polite but constant reminders that it was distracting, the teachers insisted on blasting dubstep almost every time we got on the bus…

Despite these things it was still a pretty great trip.

1)      I nicknamed an obnoxious kid “Swoopy” because I needed a way to refer to him without anybody understanding, and because he sported a Justin Bieber haircut from 3 years ago (Except for significantly longer unfortunately.) Many laughs many laughs.

2)      Surbhi and I went out one of the nights and enjoyed some lovely wine because we are classy ladies.

3)      The bus driver, Harry, was such a nice guy! So accommodating and so sweet! He was such a pleasure to work with!

This week… Instead of having another epic trip, I am violently coughing under my covers and watching way too many TLC shows. If you ever need to redecorate your house or pick out a wedding dress… I think I could pass as an expert.

I went to the doctor and he suspected it was strep throat, although the test came back negative for that, thank god. My friends have been very concerned and caring. But I’m not having a great time because I don’t want any of them coming over lest they get sick also. So I just text a lot. And talk on the phone until I have to cough. 😦

I hope I feel better by next week. I can’t wait to get back to the place that’s quickly becoming my favourite city.


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