Wonderland Whirlwind

I’m not neglecting you! I promise! It may seem otherwise since I haven’t posted a blog in way too long, but I promise I have a good explanation.

In the past two weeks I have been away from home more often than not. I’ve had two trips to Ottawa and one trip to Niagara Falls. Between those, I’m also trying to work out most days and put in hours and my community centre getting ready for summer camp.

I know, I know. Excuses, excuses.

I’ll just recap my past two weeks real quick.

Here’s my view for breakfast overlooking scenic Ottawa.

ImageHere’s my visit to the National Art Gallery where I learned about yet another incredible masterpiece.


Here’s my lovely view of Niagara Falls from a cruise directly beneath it, made all the more incredible because I had a comfy dry and warm seat on the inside of a glass wall.

ImageAnd after, a visit to the butterfly conservatory. If you haven’t ever been here, I highly recommend it.

ImageFinally, my view of Niagara Falls for dinner.

ImageAlright. Now that I’ve summarized my hectic two weeks in 5 pictures, I wanted to talk about thinking.

When I’m on tour, I like to say that I have two speeds. Fast, and insane. There’s always something to be done. Confirmation calls, dealing with hotels, restaurants, handling allergies, taking photos, and giving information. Whenever I have a moment to pause and look around, I just try to appreciate my experiences.

I’ve found, recently, that when I’m tired, and in the middle of a hectic event, and I get a chance to think for a second, I’ll usually think of something strange.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

For example, on my way back from an Ottawa trip, I found myself thinking…

Do trees know they’re alive? Do they know they will die? Do they know when they’re getting enough sunlight and nutrients or if they’ve fallen ill?

And yesterday, having dinner with my lovely friend Emma, I asked,

Wouldn’t it be cool if dandelions were cubic in shape, instead of spherical?

That question prompted this amusing snapchat. (BTW, i did get a new phone because it was necessary for me to have data for work, and the donation to SickKids was delivered. My old phone got a new home with my friend Anastasiya, who was in need of a new one.)ImageSo here’s my question to you. Do you ever wonder about random strange things when you’re tired? Or when you’re not tired?

Maybe I’m just a little mad.

“[But] let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”


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