Figuring it out (A poem of sorts)

I love driving. Especially accelerating to go fast fast fast. I dislike the fact that driving fast could be dangerous for other people. I don’t particularly mind that it’s dangerous for me. If I am to get hurt, I’d like to be going fast when it happens.

I love crying in movies. Especially when the tears well up in my eyes and roll over and fall down my cheeks. I dislike when the movie ends and I wish my life was more interesting. I don’t particularly mind if I have to cry in real life. But if I am to cry, I’d rather it be over something worthwhile.

I love diving to get a volleyball in the sand. I especially like it when I make it in time and get the ball up. I dislike it when I get a sand-burn. I don’t particularly mind when it scabs over the next day. If I have to bleed a little bit, I’d rather it happens when I know that it might.

I love makeup. Especially when it makes me feel pretty and fancy. I dislike that I’d rather wear makeup than not wear makeup. Although, I don’t particularly mind that either. If I wear makeup, I’d rather it not conceal all of my imperfections.

I love learning. Especially math and logic. I dislike that I can’t decide if I’m any good at it. I don’t particularly mind that I have no clue what to do with my life yet. Although, since I intend to keep living it, I think it’s a good idea to start figuring that out.


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