Kid Craft Idea

Now that my tour guiding job is safely tucked away until next year, the rest of my summer has begun and new adventures are underway.

The most notable of these adventures, of course, is my attempt at not seriously injuring or killing any children, A.K.A my job as a summer camp counselor. No but in all seriousness, this is my fourth summer as a camp leader, and it’s a lot of fun. Especially since now that I’ve been doing it for so long, I feel like I can get away with most anything.

Anyways, this last week, I decided to challenge myself. Instead of the 6 – 12 year olds that I usually take on, I did the 4- 5 year old camp. Specifically the camp was called Kinder Art. Since these children had the attention span of impatient goldfish, doing any art project was quite challenging. But I was very happy with how this watercolour project turned out. The final results were pretty epic I think. Remember that this was made by 4- 5 year olds!

campart3  camart2

Now, after finishing this project, I had a nice little chuckle because I realized how my taste in art has influenced what I planned for my kids. If you’ve seen my doodles, you know that I really like to use lines. I also really like drawing buildings and architecture. For example, here are two oil paintings I did in highschool.

bridge  sdfsdf

These are an adult version of what I had my kids do huh? Funny how that goes.


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