Secret Friend

I advertise this blog as one about things that make me smile, and what I’m about to tell you about most definitely makes me smile.

At work (a summer camp), we decided to do something called “secret friend.” Basically this is secret Santa but ten times better because:

1)      It doesn’t have to be done for Christmas or any sort of holiday.

2)      It lasts as long as you want it to last. It could be one present, or it could last a week, or a year.

So person chose the name of another person, and we had to do nice things for that person for the duration of a week.

Nice things include anything! It could be a present, or a coffee in the morning, or a ride home, or a hug! Whatever you like!

This totally made my day today because look what I got!!!flowesThese lovelies were brought to me by two really cute campers right as I was in the middle of explaining a game. I totally wasn’t mad about this interruption. I later found out that they were from my friend Tati.

In turn, I drew my friend Dan’s name. I decided to do a 5 days = 5 senses theme for my secret friend presents. Here’s what I did.



Gift I Gave



Pack of Maltesers



Disposable camera to make camp memories



Good smelling hand sanitizers to use after crafts and before lunch



A CD of my favourite camp-appropriate music this summer



I’m going to sneak up behind him and cover his eyes and make him guess who his secret friend is

Try this for yourself at work! Or in a class or just with some friends! Or hey, maybe just try it by yourself! You could choose a friend and do nice things for them in secret! Being a secret friend is totally more fun than you’d expect.


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