“Real” Concerts

When I was little I always imagined concerts a certain way. I imagined people jumping up and down with their hands in the air, lights flashing and music pulsing.

When I started going to concerts in high school, I found out that there were seats, and that the seats were preassigned based on how much money you were willing to pay.

I was a bit disappointed. How could an event as sacred as a concert, where people gather to celebrate music, allow money to get in the way? How come it wasn’t one big dance floor like in all the movies? What happened to the “real” concerts?

Of course, as my taste in music evolved outside of mainstream pop music, I went to more and more “real” concerts. Overall, less known artists play at smaller venues which somehow feel more authentic and cozy.

I went to one such concert with my incredible friend Julia this weekend. I had to miss the beginning because I only got off of work at five, but I did make it to see three bands: MS MR, Said the Whale, and USS.


USS was spectacular. I’ve seen them before and this time was just as good. And I definitely left with a bigger appreciation for MS MR and Said the Whale. Although a little childish part of me was sad when the singer from MS MR came out on stage without her skin painted blue (like in the video for their hit, Hurricane).

Overall it was a night to remember, and the fact that I got to share it with a best friend made it all the more special.



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