Branching Out

Summer Camp is coming quickly to an end. With one more week to go, I look back and reflect how this summer has been different from others.

Rather than doing the general activity camp like I have the past three years, this year I did art camp, girls camp, and youth camp. Leading these specialized camps, there were many opportunities to teach kids self esteem, leadership and art.

I realize that I really enjoy teaching, but that the babysitting aspects of working in a camp are not what I look forward to. I’m sure that I’d be happier instructing teenage or even adult classes because then I could focus on creating an epic class environment instead of worrying that Suzy will bite of Joe’s fingers by accident.

Having said that, I’m truly grateful and humble to say that I’ll be trying out TAing come September. I’ll be helping Computer Science students complete their weekly labs and marking exams and assignments.

I’m at a loss for words. I don’t quite understand how I landed this job. I only trust that the prof that hired me, being an incredible person overall, was right when he said he thought I’d do well.

I leave you with some beautiful tree paintings that my kids did last week. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I can explain Computer Science as well as I can explain how to paint a tree.  

             tree1   tree2   tree5


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