Rocks, Trees and Wind

In the oh-so-short gap between work and school, my mum and I took a trip to the East Coast. We started in New Brunswick, made our way over to PEI, went to Nova Scotia, and finished off the trip by returning  to New Brunswick.

Before the trip, my brother asked me, “Why don’t you go somewhere fun? You know you’re just gonna go see rocks, trees and wind.”

Well, let me tell you my favourite things that we actually did.

1) Upon entering a national park, my mum desperately tried to explain that she’d read admission was free for the summer months in some travel magazine. The girl insisted that there was a charge, and so my mum spent a frantic five minutes searching for the correct travel magazine. When she finally found it, she pointed at the correct section, saying, “See?” The girl informed my mum that it said “fee” not “free.” Naturally I began to laugh, and my mum began to laugh, and even the girl joined in.

2) In our motel in PEI, which was located 10 minutes out of Charlottetown, I was awakened by an annoying guttural noise. After thrashing around for several minutes, I finally realized what it was. Mooing. Yes, mooing… My mum had opened a window and it turns out that there were several dozen cows grazing right outside.

3) On an evening at the Halifax boardwalk, I stumbled upon a small live performance by 3 local singer/ song-writers. I sat down and joined the audience of some 20 or so people. They played guitars and harmonicas. They sang songs so refreshingly relevant to real people. Not about sex or money but about fathers and apple trees, and Tim Horton’s. I stayed for the entire concert and then went to say thanks for a lovely evening of music, and got a CD.

Well, rocks, trees and wind was indeed what we saw, and yet the trip was entirely wonderful. I learned about myself, and my relationship with my mum. I reconnected with nature. And I experienced a wholly different side of Canadian culture. I couldn’t have asked for a better a trip.

PEI collage


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