Considering Disposition

Today in my teaching class, my group and I gave a presentation about the different factors that can influence our perception. We talked about how our physiological states (age, fatigue, hunger), cultural backgrounds, and social roles (teacher, police officer, mother) can change the way we see a situation.

After class I walked across campus with a classmate to where I’d parked my car. It had just rained and I was breathing in the freshest, loveliest air. The sun had set and I was admiring the crescent moon and the way people turned into silhouettes in the eluminated windows. I was considering how the lamppost lights were reflected in the glass panes of the modern architecture of the buildings, when my classmate said, “It’s so ugly out today. So humid.”

And thus, I thought of another factor that could influence perception…. Our disposition.

Disposition isn’t mentioned in our textbook, maybe because it’s quite abstract and subjective. When we look past all of the things about a person that we can label, like their gender, cultural background, etc. I think it all comes down to disposition.

Some people are optimistic, some are pessimistic, or easy-going, or serious, or suspicious or curious. To a certain extent, I guess we inherit these qualities from out parents, but it’s interesting to consider that people who have the same culture, age, gender, etc. say twin sisters, might still perceive things differently simply based on their personality and disposition.


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