Communist Unicorn?

I got to talking with my brother yesterday. And you know what happens when I talk to my brother?… I get lots of bad yet funny advice.

This time, we talked about volunteering.

He had an interesting mindset on the topic. He decides whether volunteering is worthwhile by putting a monetary value on the specific activity. For example, anybody can pick up garbage at a park, but not everybody can tutor a college kid. So he said something along the lines of,

“If I’m going to donate a unit of work, say an hour, I’d rather donate an hour of activities I’d get paid $40 dollars an hour to do,  than minimum wage. There are other people who aren’t qualified to tutor college kids, and they can volunteer picking up garbage.”

I thought this was an interesting mindset. Very utilitarian, not necessarily the nicest, but also not entirely illogical.

I suggested that volunteering implies being humble, and that rating yourself as overqualified for certain types of volunteering is counter-intuitive. There’s no room for elitism in volunteering.

And then, he called me a communist… (Well what? Did you think Mike could go a whole conversation without calling me a doorknob, or a bucket or… well… a communist?)

Anyhow, then he said, “Communism is like a unicorn, it’s pretty, but it’s never really been documented.”

Made my day. What a gem.

But cool discussion eh? Do you have an opinion?


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