Unqualified Life Advice with Hanna: Listening

Sorry about the long time since the last post… I’ve been too busy brewing up this next installment of Unqualified Life Advice with Hanna/ my colloquially reworded teaching-class journal.

In today’s lecture I learned several new facts about listening. Specifically, I was surprised to discover that a person’s ability to listen is sometimes out of their control. I used to think that people who didn’t listen were just being rude. But I learned that listening actually requires a lot of effort. A person can be preoccupied or tired, and It’s natural to be inattentive after a long day.

I found it a little ironic when I stopped listening to the lecture… I  justified it by reminding myself that listening takes effort and I’ve had a long day… (;

Just as I tuned out, I thought about something that happened this past week.

I was at a friend’s house and we were about to have dinner. Being an unfortunately messy eater, I foresaw that I would need a napkin. I didn’t want to pester my friend, so I decided to find one myself. As I stood up, my friend told a sarcastic joke. When I didn’t laugh, he said, “I’m only joking, don’t take it seriously!” I realized that while I was desperately trying to not look like an idiot spinning in circles in the the kitchen, I had completely neglected to listen!

Usually, I consider myself a good listener, but clearly I hadn’t been listening very well. Looking back on the experience, it consoles me to know that even good listeners can’t listen all the time.

This is a relevant topic for future teachers. Mainly, it’s important for us to understand that children may not listen for reasons other than misbehaviour or stubbornness. And for all you non-teacher folk, the same can definitely be said about the awkward girls who ignore your jokes because they’re looking for a napkin.

… And I suppose in other situations as well, maybe.

Thanks for joining me on another narcissistic reflection on how to be more understanding of others. (:


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