I’m So Fake

Here’s a question that I’ve always found irritating: “Is that your natural hair colour?”

Although the reason this question irritates me may seem trivial on the surface, I think it leads to a greater issue surrounding self-esteem and social expectations.

Why does it matter if my hair colour is natural or not? Does having dyed hair change the fact that it’s mine? Does it diminish its value, or MY value?

Am I wrong in saying that my hair IS my hair whether it’s dyed or not? Furthermore, by choosing to be blonde or brunette (or to have purple hair for that matter), aren’t I embracing my true preferences and thus becoming MORE myself?

Same goes for makeup. Countless pop songs remind girls that they don’t need makeup to be beautiful. Which is one hundred percent true! But does that mean they can’t be beautiful with makeup? Is a girl (or guy) who wears makeup worth less? Does it make them vain?

Excuse all of the rhetorical quemakeupstions. But I’m trying to figure this out…

This push to be natural reminds me too much of the archaic tradition of basing a woman’s value on her virginity or perceived promiscuity. Ya know?

I think we should accept everyone for who they choose to be. Nobody should be pressured into doing their hair a certain way, or wearing makeup, however nobody should feel ashamed if they choose to do those things. Dying your hair is okay! Not dying your hair is also okay! Your hair does not define you, so you should do with it whatever you want!


A girl with blonde hair which is very much dyed.


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