What to do on Valentine’s Day part 2

Last year around this time I put out a blog called “What to do on Valentine’s Day”

That blog was ridiculously fun to write. So I decided to do another one this year.

The general premise: while radio commercials remind men that they’re inadequate if they don’t get their girlfriend diamonds, and while ladies get dolled up for a night that probably won’t live up to their unrealistic expectations, us single-folk have the opportunity to have a wonderful evening. Here are 10 of my suggestions for an awesome “single” Valentine’s Day.

1) Write your future self a letter! That way lonely-you today, can make lonely-you in the future feel special!

2) If you live with your parents: go chill in the laundry room. I.e. enjoy a part of the house you’ve never been to before! If you don’t live with your parents: go ahead and chill in their laundry room anyway! They’ll probably think you’re going through a quarter life crisis, but that’s okay! That just means you’ll get a second slice of pie at dinner.

3) Water a plant: that’s sure to satisfy your need to take care of somebody! Also feel free to imagine that the plant is taking care of you… It IS turning all that nasty carbon dioxide into something you can breathe. (Pffft who needs relationships?)

4) Plants need water and so do you. Drink a bottle of water. It’s fun to hydrate!

5) Spend two hours trying to fix a whiteout that’s hopelessly unraveled itself!

6) Turn the corners of your toilet paper in and learn how to make swans out of towels. Behold! You find yourself in a complementary 5-star hotel. How’s that for romantic?

7) Penguins wait their whole lives to find a partner. Go to a public place and pretend to be a penguin looking for love! Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing though, because that ruins the fun.

8) Embroider a pillowcase with traditional Swedish patterns!

9) Cut out small squares out of magazines, and piece them together to form a mosaic of a life-sized Harry Styles on your bedroom wall. You’ve got yourself an incredible piece of modern art!

10) Take this extra time to study for the test that’s coming up next week… Nah I’m just kidding. Don’t do that.


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