Pi, Pie, Friends and Geckos

For once in my life I put all of my important assignments and deadlines on the back burner in favour of an awesome weekend getaway.

The journey began at my friend Emma’s house on 3/14/15 at 9:26 A.M. I’m not crazy. I’m not just telling you the exact date and time for no reason.

This was exactly pi day: the day in this century whose numerical representation matches the first digits of pi! Alright, I may be crazy for caring about pi day, but frankly, that’s a type of crazy I’m willing to embrace.

Despite being the embodiment of lazy-uni-students-on-a-Saturday-morning, Emma and I were happy to wake up at an ungodly hour of 9:00 AM in order to eat a ceremonial slice of apple pie at exactly 9:26.

IMG_9568After breakfast our journey officially began. Just as we were heading out the door I took this picture of Emma’s bag because I thought it captured the spirit of our weekend perfectly. What you see is a backpack stuffed with homework, with a bottle of wine sticking matter-of-factly out of the water-bottle pocket.

IMG_5016I was a proud bug as I backed the car into a parking spot after driving  the first somewhat long-ish distance of my driving career. The destination was Emma’s University, McMaster, located about an hour’s drive out of Toronto. Despite having a couple bouts of panic thinking I was driving on the wrong side of the street because of Hamilton’s numerous one-way streets, spirits were high and cars remained undamaged.

In the afternoon we lazied around watching a movie until we got hungry, and then headed to a hipster-ish yet sophisticated place called Koosh Bistro where I ate my weight in pasta. I would have loved the meal even if it were not exquisitely delicious since I got to catch up on long-overdue life-chats with my dear friend.

PicMonkey Collage

My favourite part of the trip, by far, was meeting Emma’s future housemates. This was a collection of 6 guys and gals who welcomed me into their evening as though we were old buddies and not meeting for the first time. The evening’s conversation was a metaphorical trail-mix of poetry, debates, good-natured mockery and sex-jokes.

We played king’s cup with a modified set of rules. Whenever anyone pulled a Queen, they would be put in the “hot seat” and would have to answer a series of questions with complete honesty. Whenever anyone pulled a five, the room would erupt into a frantic scramble as everyone threw themselves onto the nearest wall in attempts at looking like a gecko. The constant transitions between confessing deep thoughts and, well… being geckos, were priceless.

Emma and I headed back to her house late that night and crashed in her bed. I had to bulldoze her off my side of the bed half-way through the night. But all’s well that ends well since she claims to not remember the incident. After a quick walk the next morning, I was on my way back to Toronto.

A part of me wonders whether I’m missing awesome weekends like this by living at home. I can’t help but wish I could stay longer and live the traditional University experience. But I’m so happy for my dear friend, and I am glad to be back in my own, wooded wonderland of a University.


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