Wonderful Weekend with Friends… In Bed

Once again I found myself in Hamilton this weekend. My friend Emma played the cello in a play staged by the engineering student body so I went down with my other friends, Erika and Julia, to support her.

Let me sum up the overall awesomeness of this weekend in the following experiences:

1) Half an hour into the process of opening a bottle of wine, Erika asks, “Do you happen to have a pair of pliers?” We proceed in joking, “How many engineers does it take to open a bottle of wine?”

2) All through high school, us four had aggressive debates about the definition of a salad… (I challenge you to define salad. “A mix of vegetables?” What about fruit salad? “A mix of foods?” Well a trail mix isn’t a salad is it?) Then my friend Mark makes these past four years of debating essentially pointless by saying, “Salad is the food that my food eats.” Golden.

3) At 4:00 o’clock in the morning, Emma is massaging my head.

4) Also at 4:00 o’clock in the morning, I say, “That feels phenomenal!” I take a moment to do some deep thinking and add, “What’s that called? Feels phenomenal? It’s not an alliteration because phenomenal doesn’t start with an F. A consonance? No…” This sparks a lively discussion.

5) During breakfast, which happens around noon time, Erika asks Julia to pass her a “Moo-faun.” Laughter ensues as we realize that she’s referring to the muffins.

6) After having lunch at an Asian restaurant, us classy ladies decide to play a game in which we append “in bed” to our fortune-cookie fortunes. I get, “Just be yourself. You are wonderful.” … “IN BED!!!” Classic.

Silliness aside, it was a lovely weekend full of old friends, new friends, a delightful walk, a lot of crude humour, and occasionally terrifying driving (on my behalf).

Also a reconfirmation that a combination of nerves and excitement makes me a dreadful conversational partner. Gotta work on that… But first, linear algebra…


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