On Human Behaviour

I get frustrated when kids do immature things. Their specific actions don’t offend me in any way, just their incredibly human behaviour. Let me give you a hypothetical example.

If a kid uses the word “gay” out of context, I wonder why he chose to say that word when none of the adults around him use it. Isn’t it painfully obvious? Adults have had more experience, therefore they are wiser, and make better decisions than children. So why can’t children put two and two together and mimic adults right off the bat?

Of course, the answer is simple. They can’t because they’re children. And inherently, anyone who acts like an adult is no longer a child.

This idea’s been on my mind as I’ve entered adulthood, and especially as I’ve learned things less trivial than using words out of context.

For instance, why is it a rite of passage to have one’s heart broken? We’ve all heard the story! In its simplest form, a young, naïve, girl (in my case) falls for some guy who breaks her heart. And she’s never quite the same and looks back on that first heartbreak forever.

But we aren’t naïve are we?! Because we’ve heard this story from adults! So why do we insist on making the same mistakes ourselves?


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