Unqualified Life Advice with Hanna: Listening

Sorry about the long time since the last post… I’ve been too busy brewing up this next installment of Unqualified Life Advice with Hanna/ my colloquially reworded teaching-class journal. In today’s lecture I learned several new facts about listening. Specifically, I was surprised to discover that a person’s ability to listen is sometimes out of […]

Reading Week Toast

Here’s to the week that was supposed to last two weeks but lasted 4 days. Here’s to all the things that were supposed to get finished…. Assignments, an essay, midterm studying, catching up on homework, reading the next couple of English books. Here’s to all the things that got finished…. One assignment, a bit of […]

I <3 my goofy, gorgeous, lame, INCREDIBLE FRIENDS

Meet my friend Annie. We met in Calculus, and bonded over being bored in Calculus. In fact, this selfie was taken in Calculus, because we were very bored… Surprise, surprise. Annie’s great. We share the same sense of humour, and she’s the perfect combination of fun and cynical. I knew we were going to be […]