god I don’t even know what to call this blog

So tour-guiding is done… I put up a blog about something else yesterday, because I didn’t even know how to approach this topic. Through this job I’ve gained a new appreciation, not only for Canada as a country, but for my world in its entirety. I’ve become friends with students, with teachers, and especially with […]

First Trip

So last week was my very first trip to Ottawa as an “Activities Director” (I.e. tour guide)!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better, smoother trip! The kids were really smart and well behaved. In fact, as soon as they got a little rowdy, the teachers would give them the “we’re very disappointed talk” and […]

Spontaneous, Illogical Opportunities

I was on Facebook today and an advertisement popped up. It was for an agency that hires people to teach English to kids in France. You’d live in France (obviously) and work as a teacher/ nanny for one or several families. You’d stay for at least 4 months. I checked out the website, looked over […]