Hai there, I’m Hanna. I’m in my second year at University of Toronto Mississauga campus. As of now I’m doing a double major in math and computer science, and deciding whether I want to tack on an English minor. When people find out I’m in math they look at me as though I have two noses. But I can’t help it. I get excited by patterns and probability and the epic things that numbers do. I also like explaining math, so that’s why I’m also doing a concurrent education program… Although I’m not sure if teaching’s where I want to end up.

I guess I have to mention that I draw sometimes too. But it’s not usually planned or professional in any way. Sometimes my mind wanders during lecture, and drawing helps me concentrate. And at the end of a long day of classes I’ll find I’ve done a full blown masterpiece in my notebook. So I share some of these in this blog.

Apart from that, I’m just a big advocate of happiness. I try to see the best in people and situations, and I find that writing about these things makes me a better person. So this blog is sort of the product of that. I want to share the things that make me smile or sad or just curious. Sometimes these are little thoughts that run through my mind, and sometimes they’re the most exciting nights of my life. Either way, you’re welcome to share these experiences with me.



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