19th Birthday Fun

I feel like as I grow older, birthday’s become less and less important to me. When I was a kid I used to look forward to it months in advance and plan a really special day and so on. Fortunately, my incredible friends and family made it one of my best birthdays ever.

On my actual birthday day, I got home, expecting an empty house. Wednesdays my parents and brother usually get home around 6, so I was looking forward to make myself some quick Mr. Noodle soup and bum around on the couch watching an episode of the bachelor. Instead, I got home to a full house of happy family. My mum had made an incredible dinner, and they’d set up the dinner table in the living room (instead of in the kitchen where we usually eat.) Over dinner they all made really nice toasts to my happiness and success etc. With actual wine, mind you, seeing as I’m now legal.

Sunday is when I celebrated with my friends. A bunch of people came over and we had a really good time. Chinese food + cake + a Rom.Com. = a really good time. All of my friends who study in the different corners of the Earth (A.k.a. Guelph, McMaster, and Trent.) were there, and it was the best thing ever seeing them all together again.

To top it off I got some grade-A presents. It’s actually ridiculous how well my friends know me and what I like. This is a card that my friend Erika got me. It basically sums my birthday up in a nutshell:


My friend Julia got me some Tea. That would have been enough right there, except she got it in the really cute, hipster jar. This is just EXACTLY how I feel about tea. And I think this will turn into my permanent, favourite-tea-tin.

ImageMy friend Emma knit me a pair of gloves. Yes, with her own two hands, she knit me gloves! They’re very warm and fit great. There’s also an insane snowflake patterns on both. I can’t wait to wear them!

ImageOver the past couple of years, my friend Anastasiya has gotten really into photography. Seeing as I don’t mind getting my picture semi-professionally taken, this means that she’s taken a LOT of pictures of me. So, for my birthday, she put together a book of the photos she’s taken. There are some really good ones and there are many of me fooling around and making silly faces or doing weird things. It’s the most incredible gift ever because I’ll look back on it, like a photo album, in many years. Here’s one of the pages:

ImageAlso, over the weekend, I went to the new aquarium downtown with one of my friends. It was incredible! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to do in Toronto. There’s this epic tube-like pathway you walk through, where you’ve got water ALL around, and all of these incredible fish. Then we dropped by a bar, which was terrifying frankly. I couldn’t convince myself that nobody was going to kick me out. I guess it takes some getting used to. But the company was great and so I had an awesome time!

So thank you to all of the people, friends and family, who made my birthday truly epic. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I’ll leave you with some more bad life advice from my brother:

“Happy Birthday Hanna… Have a good one. You should change it to another day though… your birthday I mean. It’s too close to Valentine’s Day. Too much stress in the same week for any guy. What a doorknob. Happy birthday doorknob!”


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